The Red Barn


            Phillips Farm is very proud of our new permanent sales facility that opened just in time for our celebration of 350 years as a Maryland Farm Family in 1999. For many years sales operated from a small blue building at Rt. 118 and Riffleford Rd. We had no phone, electricity, or running water. Our new fully equipped building," THE RED BARN" at 13710 Schaeffer Rd. has enable us to bring a new dimension of service to you, our customer.

We have a phone! Now you can call for directions, ask about events or the available of a special idem you need. You can even charge your purchases thanks to the phone line.

We have electricity! Now we can keep the vegetable at their proper temperature until they reach the sales floor. Fruits and sweet corn needs a very cold (32 to36 degrees) waiting place while squash, cucumber, and pepper would suffer cold damage below 45 to 50 degrees. Tomatoes, cantaloupe, and watermelon can't go below room temperature (65-70 degrees \) and still keep there life once put on display. With the proper storage and handling our fruits and vegetable can come from the field to your table with the flavor and nutrition you desire.

We have water! This may help us more than you know. You can't imagine how nice it is not to lug all the water our animal drink from a well half a mile away. It makes possible our attempt to grow the largest pumpkin in Maryland this year.  It also makes possible our cut your own flowers all summer.

We have space! We have always wanted to share our love of farming and Germantown History with you. Now our Red Barn houses permanent displays of old farm machinery and Germantown History. We commission a local artist Joan Reynolds to depict many of Germantown's old commercial building, church, and historic homes. These drawing are displayed for viewing or sale as well as Germantown history note cards, tee shirts and coffee mugs. We will add new exhibits and a display each year. We plan to add a "Kiddy Corner" where children can watch farming video. For the older kids -adults, we hope to add a computer center for farm information and trivia pursuit.

Come visit our home! Buy quality vegetables, jam and jellies, cut flowers, your piece of Germantown History or just relax in our rocking chairs on our large airy front porch while gazing at Sugarloaf Mountain or a beautiful sun set. We have animals to pet and hay stacks to climb. Bring the whole family and enjoy our little slice of country life.

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